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Term of use


1.1. The present terms of use (General Terms of Use) are the rules and conditions for the use of the website “https://icarian-way.com/” (the “website”). The General Terms of Use govern and pertain to all aspects of the use of https://icarian-way.com/

1.2. The icarian-way, which is the manager of the website (the “Manager”), may at any time amend the present General Terms of Use or introduce special or supplementary-additional terms of use for sections or functions of the website. The user shall be informed about such terms prior to entering the respective section or prior to using the respective function.

1.3. The General Terms of Use and any special or supplementary-additional terms of use constitute a legally binding agreement (contract) between the Manager and the user/visitor of the said website.


2.1. The visitor or user of the website should carefully read and study the General Terms of Use before visiting or using the web pages and should refrain from any use in case of disagreement. The General Terms of Use apply to the entire content of the website.

2.2. The users’ navigation on the website or sections thereof shall indisputably be deemed to constitute their acceptance of the said Terms of Use.

3. USE OF THE WEBSITE https://icarian-way.com/

3.1. Use of the present website is expressly prohibited for any of the following: (a) illegal activities, (b) breach of international and national laws, regulations and rules, (c) breach of copyright of the Manager of the website or of any third party, (d) submission of misleading or fraudulent information, (e) offence, defamation, harassment, damage or discrimination related to gender, age, nationality, sexual orientation or physical disability, (f) management of third party personal data, (g) dispatch of spam, phish, pharm or dispatch of viruses or malicious codes, which may affect the operation of the Internet website, (h) indecent or immoral activities.  Icarian-way.com reserves the right to terminate access to the present website to any user in breach of one or more of the above restrictions. If the user is provided with access to external links or external content through the present website, the Manager shall not be liable as to the content and other functions of such external links.

3.2. Users must comply with the general terms and conditions, applicable law and any other law provisions and/or practices and/or procedures which have been set and applied by the Manager.

3.3. The user acknowledges and unconditionally accepts that s/he shall be exclusively liable for any damages which may be caused to the present website or to any third party, regardless of cause, type or name of same, when such damages arise as a result, whether directly or indirectly, of failure to comply with the present terms and conditions of use.

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