• Ag. kirikos, Icaria island
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Icarian Way staff and management has attended and will continue to attend training on the disinfection and other anti-COVID-19 procedures.
Icarian Way has invested in all the necessary disinfection equipment and chemicals, such as professional Kärcher steam cleaners.
All Icarian-way cars and motorbikes have been biologically cleaned and disinfected and will continue to be in between different customers.

For this summer season, due to the prolonged cleaning procedures and other necessary precautionary measures, Icarian Way will not always be able to deliver a specific car type and model, but a category of similar cars. Icarian Way customer data is safely protected under the (GDPR) European General Data Protection Regulation.

Customer personal data will be shared only to the insurance company and the police in case of an accident or other traffic violation, such as unpaid parking fines. EODY is the Greek National Public Health Organization that is responsible for the anti-COVID 19 campaign.
EODY may request customer personal data only in order to inform of any COVID-19 incidents.
Icarian Way has done and will continue to do everything possible in order to provide you a clean and safe car and morobike.

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